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How Does this Health Crisis Affect your Home Value?

Suppose you’re worried about how COVID-19 might affect your home value. In that case, I’m keeping my ear to the ground by virtually networking with many professionals, consuming stats, and looking back on history to answer that question.

Even with work-from-home, tech workers are not moving out of the Bay Area.

Tech companies like Facebook have announced that remote-work salaries will be adjusted to the local cost of living. Even though tech workers can work from home, they are not moving out of the Bay Area, where wages are the highest nationally. They are, however, looking for larger homes with more areas to hang out, especially with shelter-in-place.

Buyers go for solid, substantial investment in the face of inflation and interest rate hikes. With signs of inflation, strong trends indicate that buyers and investors are going in for sound, long-lasting investments, buying real estate in cities with a robust economy, making San Francisco the hottest real estate seller market several quarters in a row.

Your Richmond District property value has reached a historic high Real estate is one of the most secure assets we have, and if you have plans to downsize or move out of town, this is an excellent time to have a historic best return on your investment.

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