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First, I imagine myself in the shoes of a home buyer needing to tour multiple properties in a very short period of time. Often buyers have an urgent need for a new home, whether it is needing a bigger home to welcome the birth of a new born or needing a place with less commute to a new job. Therefore, my goal is to first understand your home, what life style it offers, and recreate that experience for a buyer in a rush. 

Cleaning, Tidying, Styling. For example, changing the paint for a wall or light fixtures. Each home has its story and home buyers are looking for an authentic connection. 

Multiple Media Representation: photographs, videos, twilight views, aerial views, floor plans, 3D MatterPort, all of it! I supervise every bit of details, taking my experience as a project manager.  

First impression. What is the first impression I am creating on the website? In person? One of my own favorite stories: On a perfect summer afternoon with a clear sky, a buyer walked in and stood in front of a window in awe of its views and within less than 3 minutes, she decided to buy that home without looking at the rest of the property. 

Advertisement. Websites, social media, traditional brokerage methods, all of it! With my expertise in technology and data science, I have the competitive edges over other agents to put your home in front of prospective buyers. 

General Contractor. With my extensive experience in real estate renovation project management, I ensure management of projects to be completed in a timely manner, plan and coordinate the development of construction, and estimate the cost of the project. I partner with local top contractors to deliver projects under time and finance budget. 

Additional Services Offered

Marketing Plan

Exclusive Property Marketing designed to sell your home quickly for the desired price

  • Professional Photography

  • TV and Online Promotion

  • Advertising

  • Brochure and Mailer

  • Maximum Online Exposure

  • Virtual Tour

  • And more!

Home Estimate

Find the value of your own home using the unique code that you received

​Has your home value increased in the past year?

Receive your instant home estimate based on recent sales in your area


Renovation services for your listing, not paid until closing. No upfront cost

  • Painting

  • Plumbing 

  • Staging

  • Electrical Upgrades

  • Drywall and Insulation

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

  • And More!

Steps to Sell a Home

A Breakdown on the overwhelming process of selling your home.  
  1. Pricing your home competitively

  2. Prepare and get your home ready

  3. Marketing your home to potential buyers

  4. Closing your home!

You need the best marketing

Often, a home is nest egg and understandably home owners would like to sell it for top dollar. Did you know the key is to make prospective buyers aware that you are selling your home? There are many new listings every single day, in addition to doing the best preparation for your home, you need to know who your buyers are and make them aware of your home. Home buying is a lot of financial commitment and life style changes, only when buyers make a deep connection, do they pursue. I have the competitive edge as a data scientist to do highly effective marketing over the internet and social media among traditional methods to market your home. 


How I do sell a home for top dollar? 

Selling a Home

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