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The Descartes

I was diagnosed with Bipolar in my twenties. The most effective medication bipolar is Lithium. However, it wasn't easy to be informed with what Lithium is. It took me thirty-three years; traveled from South East China to North East America to California; I was finally informed while being seen by the UCSF Bipolar Clinic. I decided that among all options, it is my best option to be medicated with Lithium. I decided to stay on Lithium throughout the conception, pregnancy, and postpartum of my second child. This child is healthy, handsome, and my absolute treasure. Lithium saved my life. Even though, in a sense, it is a poison because your livers metabolize it like a poison.

Sometimes, the truth is hard to find. However, after being brainwashed my whole life in a Communist State and by a violent narcssient parent, I decided that there is no life worth living if every breath you take is not for searching truths.

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