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The Carol

During my time as a slave, sleep wasn't a privilege that you could sleep whenever you were sleepy but a "permission" event by my slave owners. As a result, I could not sleep well even long after I got free. I was always waiting for my "permission" from my slave owners. I would work in my sleep, taking phone calls or texting people until Carol.


Carol is my construction material supplier for my real estate work. She gives me the best deal and the best service. I can always depend on her. One day she called, and my slave partner picked up her phone call with extreme drowsiness. I don't remember what I said or what Carol said. However, it easily was a situation in which you could embarrass someone for not being professional. However, I felt nothing but kindness and patience from Carol. I was encouraged and inspired by the warmth of kindness and patience, I never took another call in my sleep.

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