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What I can do to assist your home projects? 

Specialty Services

SF Duplex and TIC Purchase

Are you thinking of buying a duplex or tenancy-in-common in San Francisco and wonder if you qualify for fast-track condo conversion? Talk to me! I work with the largest and most experienced TIC law firm in San Francisco and have helped my past clients through conversion. You will want to know if the building qualifies for it before submitting a purchase offer; and the responsibilities and timeline that goes with a conversion. 

Investing in Vacation Rental 

Are you thinking of investing in a property for short term rental? You will want to know the local ordinance and potential earnings before writing a purchase offer. Knowing the ordinances intimately is key to a successful real estate investment. Importantly, these ordinances are changing rapidly. That's why it's so important to have a realtor who is well connected and keeps her ears on the grounds with legislatures. You will want to learn about obtaining business licenses, submitting transient occupation taxes, filing business taxes.    

Trust and Probate Sales

Trust and Probate sales requires a different level of expertise and experience and it is best served by a realtor who had extensive knowledge and experience with it. Do you need help familiarizing the steps of a probate sale with and without court confirmation? Want to know competitive strategies to buy a home from probate? 

Vacation Rental Dynamic Pricing

Do you own a vacation rental? Is pricing setting becoming a burden? With my data science training in my Ph.D., I developed a dynamic pricing algorithm that has achieved 30% or more earnings. 

Vacation Rental Hands-off Package

This includes taking screening for responsible vacationer, taking over communication with guests, implementing dynamic pricing. Guaranteed results include highly rated and customer satisfaction, at least 30% higher earnings. Completely hands-off. You go on your own vacation while collecting earnings from your vacation rental!

Want to learn more?

Call me to have a chat on your real estate endevour!

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