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How to Flip your Home

Flipping your home can be a daunting task. You must focus on repairs and renovations that will provide you with the most bang for your buck and that it appeal to potential buyers.

Structure and function: It can be challenging to sell a house with a leaking roof. You must provide plenty of time to interview roofers, collect references, and plan the replacement during the dry season. In San Francisco, you are generally limited to June - October.

The same is valid with the foundation. Buyers can be fearful and walk away. So it is strongly recommended to repair any foundation issues and present a sound foundation.

Decide whether you will renovate the kitchen and bathroom. If you do, you will know that the current budget for a mid-size bathroom in San Francisco should be $30,000, and a mid-size kitchen should be $50,000 inclusive of materials.

Whether or not you will renovate the kitchen and bathrooms, below is a list of strongly recommended to-do:

  • Repaint walls - you can do this yourself (DIY) if you are on a budget. Check your credit card offers, and sometimes, you can get a discount for purchasing paint with a specific credit card.

    • Purchase color consultation to discuss interior home colors. Color consultation is one of the most significant differences you can make on a low budget. A home with professional designer colors will sell itself.

  • Repaint kitchen cabinets - also another DIY option.

  • Change the main light fixtures - You can get outstanding deals on light fixtures. However, you generally need to hire an electrician to install unless you have experience.

  • Resurface the floors and consider installing laminate if your original wood floors are too thin for further resurface. Consider demolishing the carpet and going for hard surface flooring if the carpet condition is poor. Home Depot and Lowes offer installation with purchase in their one-step program.

  • Curb appeal is critical. You can get free compost and mulch from the city. Check out my blog for details. Make sure your ground is tidy and even. Then you can add a few plants. Lavender is a great option and available in the spring with a fantastic scent and sturdy enough to last a long time. Rosemary is also a great option.

  • The last step is to hire the best realtor in town - not the cheapest one. Do not go for agents who will give you a discount on commission. Go for someone who has proven success and strategies that you trust to get you the most profit by deploying the most competitive conventional and digital marketing techniques.

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