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Fire Pits and Heaters to Turn Every Chilly San Francisco Evening Enjoyable

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The most affordable and popular heating element is this heat pyramid heater that is also significantly used among restaurants. I prefer a pyramid heater over a mushroom heater because it heats evenly. No one spot is too warm. When I bought it, it was $306 (sales tax included). In the winter, with higher demand during the cold weather, price increases. I advise purchasing the product before the winter season enters as I saw the product was double what I paid. It has several covers, silver, bronze, and black.

I also bought the cover. With the height of the heater, a household 4-step ladder is needed to cover it. However, putting on and removing the cover is a simple task. I have had friends and clients bought a different cover and found them to be even more difficult to use. So I consider this cover good enough :)

Next, I highly recommend an outdoor fire table. I have one in my backyard after extensive research. It outputs 50, and it’s one of the highest heat-producing firepits. The surface surrounding the fire can fit a glass of wine and a cheese plate.

The company sells an accessory kit that includes a cover to protect from heavy weather for longevity and reducing the need to clean. Included is a glass windshield to make it very usable in San Francisco’s windy evenings and a glass top to create dramatic flame effects.

Every product is for outdoor use and provides a propane tank option to avoid any natural gas hookup or change electrical wiring.

You can also find the article here.

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